How inner Melbourne pubs are fighting back against the culture of sleaze

Gina McColl, The Age


Drink spiking, sleazy remarks, assaults. This week's investigation into endemic sexual harassment in the hospitality industry does not come as a shock to Rose Gaumann, the manager of Fitzroy's Kent Street Bar. She has plenty of her own horror stories.

"Having knock-off drinks with other bartenders in the area, I was hearing increasingly awful stories about what was happening in people's bars," Gaumann says. One local bar had five sexual assaults of customers and staff in a single evening. A manager of another was attacked by a group of customers. One bartender's drink was spiked by a patron when he bought her a shot.

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Volunteer on the campaign


Sexual harassment is a huge problem in our industry. But by coming together we can change the culture this industry and make sure we feel safe and respected when we go to work. Join dozens of other hospo workers in leading this campaign to make #RespectIsTheRule in every venue: