National Survey Finds 90% Of Hospo Workers Are Sexually Harassed On The Job

Sam George-Allen,


In news that should surprise exactly no-one, the whopping majority of young women working in hospitality have experienced sexual harassment on the job. How whopping a majority, you ask? Ooh, somewhere in the vicinity of NINE OUT OF TEN. 

neither, Ed

A survey conducted by the union United Voice has found that 89% of hospitality workers have experienced sexual harassment while at work. 90% of those surveyed were female, and almost half were under 24 years old. 

The sexual harassment came in the usual depressing spectrum: 73% reported unwanted sexual advances, 69% experienced inappropriate touching. 87% copped sexist remarks, 85% received comments on their body, and 84% reported being on the wrong end of sexual innuendo.

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