SMH Interactive - Harassment in Hospitality

Gina McColl - Sydney Morning Herald


“I didn’t understand the gravity of what was happening”

Sleaze, assault and even threats of rape are all on the menu for young women who work in hospitality – so why does no one stop it?

Along with her first ever pay packet, 15-year-old Erin Thompson’s after-school and weekend job at Hungry Jack’s came with her first experience of sexual harassment.

Co-workers, some also just 15, would corner her in the dry store area or the freezer and make sexual comments about her body, leaving her scared and uncomfortable.

“They were pressuring me to engage in activity I didn't want and wasn’t interested in at all, let alone at work,” Thompson, now 24, says.

When she tried to report them, managers would brush off the incidents or tell her that security cameras weren’t working so there was no evidence of what she alleged.

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Volunteer on the campaign


Sexual harassment is a huge problem in our industry. But by coming together we can change the culture this industry and make sure we feel safe and respected when we go to work. Join dozens of other hospo workers in leading this campaign to make #RespectIsTheRule in every venue: